Design Coordination and Corporate Image, 1967

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Design Coordination and Corporate Image, 1967

This hardback book from corporate identity pioneer FHK Henrion and collaborator Alan Parkin is, perhaps, one of the first publications to attempt to codify the mid-century corporate design policy and present the very best examples. Published by Studio Vista London, Reinhold Publishing Corporation in 1967, the book is not only marked by its insightful introduction, and useful reference of ideas that endure today, but also because of its striking and unusual visual appeal with a stunning aluminium foil dust jacket printed in four colours by letterpress using a DUFEX process. This copy is in great condition, unusual to find as this is somewhat delicate. The light catches the cover to create various effects in conjunction with form and colour. Interior pages are great with a fantastic introduction to design policy creation and application. Highlights include KLM, Rohm and Haas, British Rail. Other cases, from the 27, include IBM, Westinghouse and Olivetti. This is one of the first publications dedicated to the topic of corporate design policy.

Title: Design Coordination and Corporate Image
Authors: FHK Henrion, Alan Parkin
Year: 1967
Pages: 208
Format: Hardback w/ Dust Jacket
Condition: V. Good