Graphis, Issue 230, 1984

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Graphis, Issue 230, 1984

Title: Graphis
Issue: Number 230
Year: 1984
Pages: 90
Size: 300mm × 235mm
Format: Soft Cover Magazine
Language: English, German & French
Condition: Great.

Graphis Magazine was first published in 1944 in Switzerland. It was bought out in 1986 and headquartered in New York, where it resides today. The magazine's mix of graphic design and visual culture and advertising made it a useful resource in which to keep up with the changes in and pioneers of the creative industries before the internet. From the magazine books and annuals were released, and followed with a awards programme. It continues publishing today, with online portal and digital access to its vast archive of magazines.

The covers and content of Graphis have been diverse, however, for graphic designers, it has to be those issues that deliver, through a simplicity of form and colour, that have their most powerful effect. These include covers by Franco Grignani and this one by Yusaku Kamekura. Inside, the article " Yusaku Kamekura–Retrospective of a Great Japanese Designer" by Alastair Allen, Ludlow, is an exception overview with some lovely large reproduction of the designers logos.