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Image of アイデア: European Trademarks & Logotypes, 1979

アイデア: European Trademarks & Logotypes, 1979

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Title: Idea Special Issue: European Trademarks & Logotypes
Year: 1979
Pages: 156
Size: 300mm x 230mm
Format: Hardback
Language: English & Japanese
Condition: V. Good. Usual discolouration with age.

This is another beautiful and difficult to find release from Japan. An Idea Special Issue dedicated to the trademarks and logotypes of Europe and a sequel to "American Trademarks and LogoTypes". Its uniqueness is in its regional approach to formatting, and the inclusion of some lesser-known but great designers from Great Britain, Poland and Czechoslovakia, amongst others and alongside greats such as Franco Grignani and Wim Crouwel. There's also a lovely piece of writing on Design Concept of Trademarks and Logotypes by FHK Henrion as well as Franco Grignani's text on European Trademarks and Logotypes. The book finishes with bi-lingual biographies on all the featured designers. Other highlights include, not just the logos themselves, but photographs of some of these logos in application, and a beautiful approach to the book's index. Although the cover isn't as striking as its American counterpart, conceptually its a nice idea, and the content more than makes up for it!

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