IDEA Special Issue: European Trademarks & Logotypes,

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IDEA Special Issue: European Trademarks & Logotypes,

A Special Issue of Japanese design magazine IDEA dedicated to the trademarks and logotypes of Europe. This issue includes logos from renowned designers such as Wim Crouwel, Paul Ibou and Otl Aicher. Alongside the logos, there are full colour and black and white images of some of these in application, plus designer bios in Englishand Japanese at the back.

The issue also includes three articles: Visual Representation System and Its Method for Isny, Allgäu by Otl Aicher; Design Concept of Trademarks and Logotypes by HDS International by FHK Henrion; European Trademarks and Symbols by Franco Grignani.

NOTE: Images are of the hardback version. This listing is for the softcover magazine version. The content is the same.

Title: American Trademarks & Logotypes
Publisher: IDEA Magazine, Japan
Year: 1979
Pages: 160
Format: Softcover
Language: English & Japanese