LogoArchive Extra Issue 2

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LogoArchive Extra Issue 2

LogoArchive Extra Issue 2 - Letters As Symbols

A special LogoArchive ExtraIssue,
in collaboration with Logo Books & Paul Ibou.

Size: 148x210mm

Pages: 10pp + Cover
Finish: Black
Paper: Colorplan Factory Yellow 135gsm

Pages: 12pp
Finish: Black
Paper: Fedrigoni Freelife Gloss 115gsm

Binding: Black Staples

LogoArchive was conceived, designed and sent to print in a day. It was inspired by a panel discussion at Somerset House as part of the exhibition Print!

Now on to its seventh release, LogoArchive continues to surprise and delight within the context and practice of archival, reconfiguring itself with each new issue. The distinctive smaller format offers ample license to experiment and collaborate with other like-minded resources. Christophe De Pelsemaker’s Logo Books, an online archive of pages from out-of -print publications dedicated to trademarks, is one such resource.

Christophe’s own book, Letters As Symbols, a collaborative endeavour with Belgian designer Paul Ibou, sought to bring to life and uniquely document symbols based on the letters of the alphabet and present these from A–Z.

Letters As Symbols has a unique and unusual story and journey to publication. This began in 1991 and culminated in its eventual release in 2019.

This LogoArchive ExtraIssue intends to offer readers a sample of Letters As Symbols, presenting one example for each of the 26 letters, and tell the story of the book.
In addition, the iconic booklet of LogoArchive becomes a bright yellow folder to hold examples of the original Letters As Symbols submission forms received in 1991 from well-respected designers such as Félix Beltrán, Woody Pirtle and Rolf Harder. These provide contextual richness in either their typed or handwritten details.

LogoArchive is delighted to have been able to tell the story of Letters As Symbols, and to collaborate with Christophe on the concept, design and content of this issue.