LogoArchive Issue 6

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LogoArchive Issue 6

The book is an artefact shaped by the conditions of its time. These can be visible—intentional and apparent on the surface—and invisible, only revealed in the passage of time. LogoArchive is acutely aware of this temporality. So, alongside the documentation of the symbols of the past, the zine has always sought to introduce an element of the present into its content and materiality. This issue leans further into this, allowing the context of an unprecedented pandemic of our times to impose itself and give new meaning and form to old things.

New financial pressures and the limited economic means of the editor due to the pandemic sees this new issue downsized and its numbers reduced. However, this imposition sees two new elements introduced, alongside more logos. Firstly, a new feature called Logo Stories, brought over from the Instagram account. And secondly, a participatory role, offering donations on the sale of each issue to The World Health Organisation who are leading and coordinating the global effort to prevent, detect and respond to the ongoing threat of COVID-19.


Size: 148 x 210 mm

Format: 12pp Booklet
Paper: Colorplan Lockwood Green 135gsm
Finish: White Ink (x5)
Stitching: Black Staples


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