Logobox, 1990

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Logobox, 1990

Title: Logobox
Author: Paul Ibou
Pages: 190
Size: 150 x 210 mm
Edition: 1/1000
Format: Fold out box and loose sheets
Language: Dutch
Condition: Great.
Notes: Complete

Logobox is a rare and unusual publication from Paul Ibou, pioneer of Belgian corporate identity design. Paul is known for his extensive contribution to the graphic design industry. This is not limited to client work, but also international endeavours to connect designers through exhibitions, events and publications. As a publisher, he produced a number of logo books, and shared the same desire to establish cultural bridges through international publications as Japanese designer Kuwayama, also known for his fantastic books on logos.

Paul produced a number of logo books over his career, dedicating these to the works of designers from around the world, others to Belgian design, and as a way to catalogue and share his own work. His publication Logobook, released in 1990, offered an insight into his career by way of 191 of his logos. This is distinctive in its simple format of one large logo per page and information at the foot.

Logobox was produced in a limited edition of 1000. Where the book is chronological, the box's loose sheets create an opportunity to separate and collate his work in any order, to see commonalities and differences over time. It offers an alternate and unique way to engage with Paul's work.