The Work of Ikko Tanaka, 1975

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The Work of Ikko Tanaka, 1975

A rare hard to find hardback book from 1975 documenting the work of Japanese designer Ikko Tanaka.

Title: The Work of Ikko Tanaka
Issue: Number 123
Year: 1975
Pages: 215
Size: 297 x 226mm
Format: Book w/ Slipcase
Language: Japanese. English introduction.
Condition: Book Good. Slipcase has slight scuffs.

This is a beautiful and rare publication, the first and only edition that features a striking cover graphic by Ikko Tanaka. The book was designed by Katsumi Asada with editorial layouts by Tetsuya Ohta and an English and Japanese introductory text by Lou Dorfsman. The publication offers a fascinating look at the work of Ikko Tanaka from his early poster work in the 1950s to the corporate identity and logo designs of the 1970s. Highlights include the large logo spreads and some beautifully reproduced prints. Each section opens with a Japanese-only text, but the images really speak for themselves.