Top Symbols of the World, Volume 2, 1973

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Top Symbols of the World, Volume 2, 1973

Volume 2 of Top Symbols & Trademarks of the World released in 1973. This is part of a set of seven, which was then followed by four annuals, beginning in 1977. This is part of a beautiful collection with each volume presenting the very best logo designs from countries. This volume, the second part of a two-part series, brings together trademarks from the United States and Canada, and includes 667 logos.

Each volume includes a couple of texts on their respective countries, with highlights being introductions by Collin Forbes and Hans Neuburg. However, as this is the second part, the texts for the United States and Canada are in Volume 1. Nonetheless, the trademarks of Canada, really make up for the absence of texts.

Title: Top Symbols of the World
Volume: 2, United States Part 2 & Canada
Editors: Franco Maria Ricci & Corinna Ferrari
Year: 1973
Condition: Good. Discolouration with age.