Vorm In Vlaanderen 1, 1981

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Vorm In Vlaanderen 1, 1981

A graphic design and visual culture magazine from the 80s, edited and art directed by renowned designer Paul Ibou.

Title: Vorm In Vlaanderen
Issue: 1
Year: 1981
Pages: 64
Size: 300 x 210mm
Language: Dutch
Art Direction: Paul Ibou
Condition: Wear on the cover.

Vorm In Vlaanderen is a distinctive publication with an interesting legacy. Edited and art directed by the renowned Belgian designer Paul Ibou this magazine brings together art, design and visual culture in a distinctive format of differently weighted glossy, uncoated and dyed papers. It is a lovely example of 80s design publishing.

This is a rare copy of Issue 1. The eye-catching masthead, the interplay of bold and fine detail on the cover and the mix of substrates and metallic inks marks this out. Each page offers something a bit different. Highlights include the branding case studies which feature logos and situational contexts, as well as a spread of logos and a perforated subscription insert at the back that remains intact.

The magazine changed format after issue four, favouring a large format newsprint and then evolving into a large format magazine, also available on LogoArchive.Shop. There are four issues in this standard format, each with a distinctive and appealing cover.