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Image of Vorm In Vlaanderen Issue 5–10, 1983 (Signed by Paul Ibou)

Vorm In Vlaanderen Issue 5–10, 1983 (Signed by Paul Ibou)

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A graphic design and visual culture newsprint publication from the 80s, edited and art directed by renowned designer Paul Ibou.

Title: Vorm In Vlaanderen Issue 8
Year: 1983
Size: 295 x 415mm
Pages: 40
Language: Dutch
Art Direction: Paul Ibou

Large format quarterly design publication.
News print, full and single colour.
Art directed and signed by Paul Ibou

Vorm was a magazine art directed by legendary Belgian designer Paul Ibou, dedicated to graphic arts, visual communication, art design and culture. After the magazine format of issue 1–4, Vorm transitioned into a large format newsprint publication, with anew issue every two months. The publication, after Issue 10, switched to a magazine/newsprint hybrid.

These are in fine condition with the discolouration expected of a large format newsprint publication. No tears. Each has been signed by renowned designer and Vorm art director and editor Paul Ibou.

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