Wim Crouwel Exhibition Brochure, 2003

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Wim Crouwel Exhibition Brochure, 2003

Here we have the catalogue for an exhibition of Wim Crouwel's works at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam that ran from the 26th June to the 30th July, 2003. The catalogue was designed by renowned London-based studio Sea and features a forward and text by 8VO founder Mark Holt. It features reproductions of seven of Wim Crouwel's finest poster designs with commentary from designers such as Bryan Edmondson (Sea), Ben Parker (Made Thought) and Angus Hyland, (Pentagram) amongst others. For those aware with Wim's work, the posters will appear familiar, however, the composition of the catalogue present's these is a striking and materially delightful way. A mix of stocks, neon and metallic inks, embossed detail and perfect binding are surprisingly and beautifully brought together.

Title: Wim Crouwel
Year: 2003
Pages: 30
Size: 265 × 210mm
Format: Soft Cover
Language: English
Condition: Good.
Note: Cover has a few slight creases. Interior pages good.