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World of Logotypes Volume 2

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A rare book of over 3000 logos from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Title: World of Logotypes Volume 2
The Trademark Encyclopaedia Fifth Edition
Author: Al Cooper
Year: 1984
Pages: ~ 120
Size: 285mm x 225 mm
Format: Hardback
Language: English
Condition: Good.

The second volume of World of Logotypes brings together over 3000 examples of American and International logo designs introduced alphabetically. It features a text on "The Case of the Duplicate Logo" a look at the similarities of logos that emerged between NBC and Nebraska ETV Network as well as supportive second text titled "Alphabet Scoop" Both are interesting reads.

Of course, books such as Logo Modernism have become the definitive reference for mid-century logo design, however, to go back to the source of these, the original publications that inspired these books, is to get closer to the time in which these logos were produced. It is very much of its time. There is a joy in the arrangement of the pages, far from the grid-based and structured, these are largely arranged with a sensitivity to the economies of the page, making for some interesting moments!

The condition of the book is good. There is evidence of age and use. The dust jacket is intact but with scuffs and small tears. Inside, pages are discoloured, not your bright white. Inside cover has a library sticker.

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