Freigeist Issue 2, 2020

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Freigeist Issue 2, 2020

Format: 22pp Booklet
Paper 1: Extract Cactus 2x Black
Paper 2: Symbol Freelife Gloss
Feature: Short Cover

Freigeist was a popular concept within 18th Century German literature and journalism. It was used to describe those who believed that thinking should not be constrained by certain fundamental and non-contestable values, traditional ideas and established channels of distribution. The concept of the “free-spirit” and of free-thinking is also a recurring theme within Nietzsche’s own philosophy. Although, at first glance, the Freigeist concept may appear as lacking complexity, Nietzsche found a philosophical significance within it. To him, it was more than an invocation towards individuality and the subversion of expectation but the search for and liberation of a spirit. In this second issue of Freigeist, conceptualised, designed and edited by Richard Baird and published by BP&O, the search for that spirit continues in the form of a Zoom call turned transcript.

Readers can expect insights into running side projects, thoughts on graphic design, social media and the tensions between graphic design practice and design content. Readers can also see the origins of Freigeist Issue 2 develop as part of the event itself. This is presented as a burly text-based document, and the intentional antithesis of the visual language of the zine’s parent, LogoArchive. The two zines are forever entangle, but go their separate ways, and thus typology becomes subtext.