1. Graphic Design in Canada, Burton Kramer, 1975

    An article from Burton Kramer on the state of Canadian graphic design. Published in a special Extra Issue of Japanese design magazine IDEA in 1975.
  2. A quest for identity, Ashoke Chatterjee, 1991

    An introductory article by Ashoke Chatterjee, adviser to the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, to Sudarshan Dheer's book Symbols, Logo and Trademarks, 1500 Outstanding Designs from India, published in 1991.
  3. Elements of Idea: The Arrows by Shigeo Fukuda, 1975

    An article by renowned Japanese designer Shigeo Fukuda on the use of arrows in logo and symbol design. Written in 1975 for Japanese design magazine Idea.
  4. Varieties and Roles of Trademarks and Symbols, 1973

    Varieties and roles of trademarks and symbols was originally published in  Volume 1 of Trademarks & Symbols by Yasaburo Kuwayama, and offers an...