• Graphic Design 19, 1965

Graphic Design 19, 1965

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A monthly magazine published by Diamond that focuses on graphic design and visual culture. It is distinctive in its proportionality (nearly square), and in its mix of papers. These include glossy papers of two weights, a burnt orange, chocolate and blue uncoated papers.

This issue is marked by a striking cover of trees and birds that playfully utilises positive and negative space to form a relationship between flora and fauna. This is presented using a beautiful set of colours.

Features include Graphic Films by Godsholls, with a bit on their work "Envelope Jive", a piece on Exposition Nationale Suisse Lausanne 1964 which includes some proposed logos for the exhibition, and Editorial Design in Europe and America.

Title: Graphic Design
Issue: Number 19, April
Year: 1965
Pages: 86
Size: 300mm × 260mm
Format: Soft Cover Magazine
Language: Japanese w/ English Summaries
Condition: Good. Scuffs and discolouration with age.