• LogoArchive Issue 3
  • LogoArchive Issue 3
  • LogoArchive Issue 3
  • LogoArchive Issue 3
  • LogoArchive Issue 3

LogoArchive Issue 3

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LogoArchive intends to explore the potential of the zine to reconfigure itself regularly over time. Issue 3 tackles this theme more directly. It begins with the notion of scientists reconfiguring the natural world, then makes a connection with designers remixing the visual world, just as LogoArchive itself is composed of found and previously unassociated symbols. This is developed further in the use of recycled paper for the insert – materials repurposed – in the architecture of the page – the potential to create new relationships and reveal alternative dialogues with a half page – and finally, within the three texts. These look at contextual loss in the transition from material object to digital artefact, an old folding technique given an innovative new life and the potential of the logo to transcend its corporate utility.


Pages: 10pp + Cover
Paper: Colorplan Ebony 135gsm
Finish: Finish: HP Indigo White (x5)

Pages: 8pp
Nautilus 100% Recycled 100gsm
Finish: Black

Binding: Black Staples