LogoArchive Extra Issue: Logo Redux (Pre-order)

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LogoArchive Extra Issue: Logo Redux (Pre-order)

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LogoArchive Extra Issue: Logo Redux is dedicated to the fascinating theme of Renaissance printers' marks. These marks, many drawn from the 15th century, will appear somewhat modernist in nature. As such, this Extra Issue functions as a precursor to the modernist corporate trademarks of the mid-century, and a 'prequel" to previous LogoArchive issues.

Conceptualised by designer, educator and researcher Darren Leader, working in collaboration with Unlocking The Archive and the University of East Anglia, this Extra Issue intends to revive interest in printers' marks and the inventive typography of renaissance publishing.

LogoArchive Extra Issue: Logo Redux is a unique material gesture made up of four parts that, through design and production, weaves together and brings to life aspects of a period of significant technological and cultural shifts, and their influence on print publishing. It includes three texts The Final Ornament by LogoArchive Editor Richard Baird, Dialogue with the Distant Past by Designer Darren Leader and Valuing Printers' Marks by co-founders of Unlocking The Archive Dr Sophie Butler and Dr Tom Roebuck.


Digital, With Print
4 x 2pp, 240gsm Accent Antique Magnolia
HP Indigo Black (x5)

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HP Indigo Black (x5)
White Staples

Foil Blocking + Digital, With Print
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Gloss Black Foiled Edges

Dust Jacket :
Offset, Identity Print
4pp, 60gsm Sixties
Pantone 200 (x2)