• B5 Basic Design Elements and their Systems, 1979

B5 Basic Design Elements and their Systems, 1979

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Design Systems for Corporations was a pioneering 13 volume series created by the CoCoMAS committee and published in the 1970s. The series was made up of an A, B and C sub-set of publications with A1–4 covering aspects of design in retail, public transportation and Olivetti. C1–3, the final part, covered different systematic approaches taken by key Japanese businesses at the time.

The B series was six volumes and an early effort to document the very best in corporate identity systems from across the globe. 

In B4, CoCoMAS present the corporate identities of 3M, Montedison, Bovis, Furness, Daiei, Innskog, FMC, OCL, DSB. There's plenty to enjoy, with images of grids, guides and pages from brand books.

Title: Basic Design Elements and their Systems
Volume: B5
Year: 1979
Pages: 124
Format: Softcover w/ Dustjacket
Condition: Dust Jacket Fair, Interior Good