• Designing Corporate Symbols, 1985

Designing Corporate Symbols, 1985

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"A good corporate symbol doesn't just appear from nowhere. It takes a great deal of time, thought and research to create a symbol which will accurately portray the personality and function of a company. There is a story behind every corporate mark."

In Designing Corporate symbols, David E. Carter presents 148 outstanding corporate symbols and shares some of the stories and ideas behind them. Where other publications simply document, this contextualises like few others, and is a testament to David E. Carter's commitment to pursuing, through his various publications, that which he believes is exemplary corporate identity work. The book is hard back with a glossy black dust jacket which picks up fingerprints and 150 pages featuring symbols by designers and studios such as Primo Angeli, Dickens Design Group, Walter Landor Associates and G. Dean Smith, amongst many others. The striking cover has an original symbol for the publication and sets up the interior layouts of large logos, each presented on a single page with an accompanying texts. These texts vary in length, depth and detail, and the authors are unmentioned. The different styles of writing indicate that there's a mix of original writing by David E. Smith mixed in with information and passages provided by the designers and studios.

Title: Designing Corporate Symbols
Edition: 8
Year: 1985
Editor: David E. Carter
Year: 1973
Condition: Good