• Graphic Design 57, 1975

Graphic Design 57, 1975

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An issue of "Graphic Design", a monthly magazine published by Diamond that focuses on graphic design and visual culture. It is distinctive in its proportionality (nearly square), and in its mix of papers.

For anyone familiar with the work of Shigeo Fukuda the cover will look very familiar, a striking mix of red and blue plays incredibly well with the designer's optical illusions, and furthered with an unusual typographical element over the top. A deep blue border frames the spot colours nicely. Inside, there is an article on the visual identity for Stadtwerke Düsseldorf by SDAG (a specially formed group made up of professors and students from Fachhochschule in Düsseldorf). This covers the visual identity system designed for the public transport network, including logo grid, colours, layouts and grid-systems for various printed materials. Also in this issue, a feature on Swiss designer Willi Kunz who designed the Merit logo and visual identity, as well as a piece on Czechoslovakian symbols and marks. As with previous issues, there's a nice mix of paper stocks, and there's English translations at the back.

Title: Graphic Design
Issue: Number 57, March
Year: 1975
Pages: 87
Size: 300mm × 260mm
Format: Soft Cover Magazine
Language: Japanese w/ English Summaries
Condition: Good. Scuffs and discolouration with age.