• Roman Duszek, 2023
  • Roman Duszek, 2023

Roman Duszek, 2023

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A fantastic new book on the work of pioneering Polish designer Roman Duszek who, in collaboration with Andrzej Zbrożek, was responsible for the corporate identity of LOT, Poland's flag carrying airline. The Duszek's story has been beautifully realised by designer and archivist Patryk Hardziej and features a textured hardback cover with a metallic spot colour and foiled logos. Inside, there's a series of tip ins, dividing the sections and includes an introductory text by Hardziej and a 'A Flying billboard' by Richard Baird.

Title: Roman Duszek
Publisher: Patryk Hardziej
Year: 2023 
Format: Hardback
Language: English & Polish