• Typographica 3, June 1961

Typographica 3, June 1961

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Typographic 'New Series' follows the release of a previous sixteen 'Old Series' journals on design and typography. This issue contains an article on the integration of photo and type by Ken Garland, which is supported by examples of work by emerging Swiss designers; an illustrated article by Richard Hamilton on the experimental publications of German typographer Diter Rot. Dieter Rot's optical art is also used to create a striking cover for this issue. Further, there's pages on the linear compositions of American artist Alcoplay and an examination of artistic experimental photography of the 1920s.

Title: Typographica 
Issue: 3
Year: 1961
Editor: Herbert Spencer FSIA
Pages: 72
Format: Softcover w/ Dust Jacket
Binding: Perfect bound
Condition: Good 

Note: Image is of another copy I have with a slightly damaged dust jacket. The copy avaiable is in fantastic condition.